Understanding and interacting!

I have had people ask me how to interact with my son. I have been asked how much he understands. The answer is simple . Please be with him and you will learn on your own. My younger one is eight years younger to my special boy. He started understanding his brother by the timeContinue reading “Understanding and interacting!”

Chocolate Factory!

My phone reminded me what we did last year this time. This week last year my son got his first COVID-19 vaccine. We stood in line and waited for an hour before he got his vaccine. Things have changed in a year now right? The psychological impact caused by the pandemic may not be knownContinue reading “Chocolate Factory!”

Haircut 💇‍♂️

I could have written about manifold number of things like how 95% of US population above 16 have some kind of immunity towards corona virus or how there are nearly 350,000 new registrations to learn Ukrainian on Duolingo, but I finally landed on haircut. After 2 years my son had a haircut without a maskContinue reading “Haircut 💇‍♂️”


This is for ragtag community prompt of the day “balloon” We celebrated my son’s 21st birthday and his graduation with a cruise. We were on the ship on 4th of July. We used the service autism on the seas which was wonderful in various ways. After years of spending money on treatments and therapies IContinue reading “Balloons”