Weddings nowadays are extravagant! Ours was simple compared to how things are happening now😀. My husband keeps saying we should renew our vows like how Raymond did it on “Everybody Loves Raymond” ! My son loves music so we may have sangeet and of course I love mehandi , so maybe that one! These two pieces weren’t there during our wedding.

We may end up doing that for shastiabdapoorthy or the 60th birthday celebrations of my husband when the wedding is renewed in our culture. Considering my husband a shy type I think it is may just be a small gathering. We have few more years to think about. But whatever it is, it will be with our special boy and we will end up doing what makes him happy and what he can be part of in a comfortable way. That we are sure about.

My killdeer birds are back near the baseball field. But their eggs seem to be moving and eggs are missing too. Yesterday evening there were 4 and today just one. The birds have been making a lot of noise too. In fact lot of people have started noticing them this year. and are curious what is happening. No wedding for the birds but they seem to try to keep their family happy.

For RDP Tuesday : Wedding

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  1. Renewing vows is a brilliant idea.

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