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Amur Honeysuckle

The flowers are tiny but they smell so good. My plant finder says it is an invasive one, and yes they are from my experience too. They grow really big and there is no maintenance. The early morning breeze spreads it sweet smell around. For Cee’s Flower of the Day!

Chandi Homam

I write this blog as we drive back from Stroudsburg. A trip specifically taken for me. When I was in 11th Grade my grandfather asked me to make a cheat sheet during Navarathri. I was supposed to type down the shlokas from Devi MAhatmyam. That was my first exposure to this great scripture of MotherContinue reading “Chandi Homam”

About me


I am Ganga and I live in Pittsburgh USA with my husband and two boys.  Its been exactly 22 years I have been in this country and technically I have lived equal number of years in India and USA. 

I grew up in a very orthodox brahmin family in Chennai , india married and moved to USA when my oldest son was 4 months old.  

My oldest is severely autistic is now an young adult and my younger one is a teen. 

Growing up I was a religious person and throwing autism in the equation has turned me into a spiritual person.

After being a homemaker for many years I became a part time worker to be a habitat aide for my son so he could attend many non traditional programs. I love this work and though it wasn’t my life goal I really love doing this.

My blog wouldn’t solely be about autism though it cannot be avoided since it is part of my life, it can be anything interesting that happens that day or a thought process that goes through my mind.

My pass time now is learning a bit of music and learning a lot of Hindu scriptures and the foundation of it the Sanskrit language. I also love to binge watch on Netflix, I would call that my stress reliever. I had no interest in cooking but I have 3 men in the house which has forced me to become a decent cook.So watch out I may throw in some good recipes once a while.

Here I go……

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We have done a lot of 5km walks. We may look frowzy by the finish line but it is all worth it. This particular 5 km was around Kennywood Park and we got a discounted entrance during Christmas time. Even after a 5k walk we had all the energy to go around the park andContinue reading “Frowzy”


It is a truth I need to accept. I need my reading glasses all the time. I needed a comforter and while shopping I couldn’t read if it was queen or king size, leave alone the tiny prints the manufacturer doesn’t want me to read. The past few years I have started watching Television moreContinue reading “Glasses”

Bearded iris

The flowers have both upright petals and cascading petals. At the center of the cascading petal is a small fur that looks like a beard. So comes the name. Even with the beard these flowers are snazzy! For Cee’s FOTD and Ragtag community’s word snazzy


Let me put the spotlight on Sri Lanka, the small island nation which is in an economic crisis. Prayers for them.

Cave Canem

A few weeks back a very impressionable young 4 year old came to my house. Wow what a little cutie pie he was. He dumped a box of puzzles on the floor and ordered his older brother to do it. He then moved on to a box of Legos and he achieved his goal ofContinue reading “Cave Canem”


Being a Mom, creativity happens in the kitchen. From breakfast to lunch boxes to dinner food needs to be creative so that your kids eat healthy. So here are some of my creations. 😀 For Ragtag community prompt: Creativity


For Cee’s FOTD Hope all the Mothers had a great Mother’s Day. I had a wonderful one with my boys messing around the kitchen and trying to come up with a breakfast, though I didn’t get any gifts 😀 my garden is getting vibrant with Azaleas. Azaleas from my garden are native to Japan.


It has been exactly 3 months since I started writing for Sammi’s weekend prompt. Writing impromptu to the number of words on a Saturday morning is definitely a challenge which I love since it is away from my comfort zone. Thanks to the bloggers who read and comment.😀🙏


Along with behaviors we still deal with sensory issues with my special needs boy. As he grew old and while planning his transition I had made that to be one of my major concern in all his transition forms. When we started preschool our issues were hyperactivity. A swing in his preschool class room calmedContinue reading “Therapies”


Weddings nowadays are extravagant! Ours was simple compared to how things are happening now😀. My husband keeps saying we should renew our vows like how Raymond did it on “Everybody Loves Raymond” ! My son loves music so we may have sangeet and of course I love mehandi , so maybe that one! These twoContinue reading “Wedding”

Common Lilac

Common Lilac from my garden this spring morning. My plant identifier app says it is a super easy plant for gardeners with brown thumb. So no credit for me for all these beautiful blossoms 😀. For Cee’s FOTD


The luminous light from my Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp provides a meditating atmosphere in my prayer room thereby being therapeutic for my brain. No scientific backing , just my personal experience.


For ragtag community prompt interlace Love interlaced tracks and trains in any form. 😀


Monday was a hot day for us. I heard on news that it is good to be out in the sun since it helps to improve our serotonin level. If that were the case that no one should be depressed in the tropics. I deal with my son’s anxiety and I have learnt about dopamineContinue reading “Picnics”


Excited to share my jasmine buds today morning. With all the hot weather I thought it would have bloomed, but not yet. I have to be patient. This is a tropical plant and had to be brought in for winter. This one survived this winter. For Cee’s FOTD


At the dining table, I would get pinched all of a sudden by my special boy . Further investigation would show he was provoked by his little brother who would have disturbed him under the table with the foot😂! A common scenario when you have loving brothers. It is hard to maintain peace at home,Continue reading “Provocative”


When I was a little girl, I was too proud since my house had a television, a black and white one. We used to have kids in our street coming to our house to watch cricket matches. The Sunday evening movies had lot of distorted pictures and the broadcasting local station had a card thatContinue reading “Distorted”

Spring Mums

Mother Nature still keeps cheating or teasing us with a roller coaster weather. I plan to start my gardening but I am back to square one doing nothing. The high for today is 40 degree Fahrenheit! Last week when I went shopping I couldn’t resist buying these spring mums! A treat for the eyes! AreContinue reading “Spring Mums”

Happy Easter 🐣

As I browsed for some prompts today, I found one to be “egg”. I didn’t need a lexicon to find the meaning unlike zoomorphic which I had written about yesterday. I am not so comfortable around eggs, but last week my son’s program had hard boiled eggs to be dyed for Easter party! It wasContinue reading “Happy Easter 🐣”


Zoomorphic means to have the form of an animal. It is official, we have been to 30 states in this country. Last weekend to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina sealed this number. Thanks to my husband who found job in different parts of this country and my son’s treatment option in various parts made me achieveContinue reading “Zoomorphic”

Shubhakrita New Year

Happy New Year or Shubhakrita Puthandu Nal Vazhthukal for all my friends who are celebrating New Year tomorrow. Tamil people follow Lunar calendar and our New Year always falls on April 14th and very rarely on the 15th. I grew up in a household that mixed up tradition from two states so when I gotContinue reading “Shubhakrita New Year”


Found this beauty on our travel this weekend. They too seem to be putting their heads up inspite of the harsh weather. I learnt from a zookeeper that snakes and alligators eat to their full and do not search for food for weeks and some do not even eat for a month. We humans boastContinue reading “Tulips”


Parenting is really hard. I am not talking about raising a special child. I have a typical one too. There are times I really want to spoil my kid and that moment I try to be a strict Mom and raise my voice, maybe not yodel but control my voice in a way my messageContinue reading “Parenting”

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