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Navaratri 2022

I am so happy that this is the third year in a row I am blogging about my Navaratri Golu. This year as I mentioned in my previous blog, my theme is to showcase where we are from . We come from the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu rich in culture and traditions andContinue reading “Navaratri 2022”

About me


I am Ganga and I live in Pittsburgh USA with my husband and two boys.  Its been exactly 22 years I have been in this country and technically I have lived equal number of years in India and USA. 

I grew up in a very orthodox brahmin family in Chennai , india married and moved to USA when my oldest son was 4 months old.  

My oldest is severely autistic is now an young adult and my younger one is a teen. 

Growing up I was a religious person and throwing autism in the equation has turned me into a spiritual person.

After being a homemaker for many years I became a part time worker to be a habitat aide for my son so he could attend many non traditional programs. I love this work and though it wasn’t my life goal I really love doing this.

My blog wouldn’t solely be about autism though it cannot be avoided since it is part of my life, it can be anything interesting that happens that day or a thought process that goes through my mind.

My pass time now is learning a bit of music and learning a lot of Hindu scriptures and the foundation of it the Sanskrit language. I also love to binge watch on Netflix, I would call that my stress reliever. I had no interest in cooking but I have 3 men in the house which has forced me to become a decent cook.So watch out I may throw in some good recipes once a while.

Here I go……

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This summer I planted two pots with okra seeds. Only one pot yielded and that too a few. As the summer closes down I was surprised to see the other pot too blooming. For Cee’s FOTD .


For Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Walk 50 steps or less and take new photos. My yard got trimmed and mulched. Looked like my plants got an hair cut. Crews worked all day and here are some pictures that I took this evening just walking out of my home. A fun challenge.

Garden Lily

I do not shop at the garden center during fall. I am not confident about planting bulbs for the spring. But I did do some window shopping and found these beautiful lilies. My plant identification app called this Orange Lily and it seems it represents confidence, pride and wealth. For Cee’s Flower of the Day!

When the waves stop

I will take bath in the ocean when the waves stop. This is a common saying in my language when we do not do something or keep postponing or not attend to a current matter in hand. In our brains we are perfectionists. We need a perfect situation to execute something and that needs toContinue reading “When the waves stop”


I have to accept I am a clumsy person who falls and gets bandaged. My first memory being, when I was four, I fractured my hand, followed by a sprain to the same hand, again stitches on my skull for a fall and even a ligament surgery twenty years ago. Ouch seems like a lot!Continue reading “Bandage”


I noticed I have been writing everyday since September 1st. As I was thinking what to write, I decided I am going to skip today since my day was going to be busy. My son had his program and I had to go with him. It was sensory day at his program. One of theContinue reading “Oobleck”

Canada Goldenrod

I found these plants in front of the visitor center in Ohiopyle State Park. Looked ornamental but they are perennial and native to North America. For Cee’s Flower of the Day!

Women’s Hostel

Yesterday I was watching an advertisement for an Indian talk show. The moderator was talking to a Mother and her daughter. The daughter who lives in a working women’s hostel (somewhere in India) was being constantly watched by her Mom. The Mother is so annoying she does not believe her daughter reached safely to herContinue reading “Women’s Hostel”

Youghiogheny River

For WWE Challenge: My first post! Ohiopyle Falls in Ohiopyle State park, I would call a beauty not to be missed. This is the second time we are visiting this year and I would say the sound of the gushing river and the falls is really therapeutic. The Great Allegheny Passageway trail is an addedContinue reading “Youghiogheny River”


The other day my Dad was talking to me how our ancestors moved from Tamil Nadu to Kerala and back to Tamil Nadu. Long time back my brother who had sent out his dna sample got the report our original ancestors moved from Africa making a long journey to South India. Anyhow myself and myContinue reading “Onam”


Ragtag Community Prompt: Slip These pictures were taken February 2011 in Boston. That was the last winter we spent in that city before moving to Pittsburgh. If you love snow you would love Boston. Nothing can beat the Nor’easters over there. Then again comes the risk of icy conditions that can make you slip andContinue reading “Slip”


I am not a big fan of immunizations, anyhow my younger one got many yesterday. The one thing he did not get was for the Avian flu! Thank God!

Return Gift 🎁

Today I am grateful to my son’s facilitator at his program. 2019 she made some bowls with beads for my Navarathri return gift. After two year break she is up back again making return gifts with her special group. So what is she making? I don’t want to let out the secret. My 9 dayContinue reading “Return Gift 🎁”

Safe Journey

My parents are leaving for India next Thursday. Of course, it is a very emotional time after staying with us for nearly six months. When will I be able to meet them again? As of now I do not have any plans. But if I do find a sweet spot(an appropriate time) I will definitelyContinue reading “Safe Journey”

ISP Meeting!

What is a ISP meeting? Individual Support Plan (ISP) Meeting means an annual meeting facilitated by a services coordinator and attended by an individual’s ISP team. The purpose of the ISP meeting is to determine the individual’s needs, coordinate services and training, and develop the individual’s ISP. So today was my son’s ISP meeting. He turnedContinue reading “ISP Meeting!”


A petal maybe off or the flower bit fading. But I am certain the bee is enjoying the nectar from the pollen. Nature is awesome. For Cee’s Flower of the Day For Ragtag Comminity Prompt certain


So we had guests yesterday. A dining table surrounded by people in their fifties, sixties and seventies. So what was the topic of discussion about. Just retirement, finances, health issues and of course old age homes. To add to that topic was me discussing my special one’s future, his group home thoughts and his medicalContinue reading “Opera”

Giant Ironweed

These purple beauties were found on my walk on a Trail. When ingested in large quantities these plants are toxic for the life stock. Not an issue for me since I love anything that is purple and they are a feast to my eyes. For Cee’s Flower of the Day !


So what is anxiety? Running inside a moving train is a classic example. When my son was a toddler his speech was significantly delayed and our only concern was his motor speech. As he grew we learnt that was not his only problem. He had severe anxiety along with obsessive compulsive disorder that really disruptedContinue reading “Anxiety”

My Road Trip

During Bloganuary prompts in January there were two prompts. One, who was my inspiration and the other what was the road trip I would like to take. Amazing as it happens I did take a surprise road trip last week to Dallas from Pittsburgh to celebrate the person who inspired me. Long before the pandemicContinue reading “My Road Trip”


I am on a roadtrip to Dallas. It can be called a pilgrimage too. The past few days I have been at Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in Frisco. The dazzling architecture made me feel nostalgic . Inspite of the hot weather every vistor takes time to capture their picture in front of the Temple.

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