Along with behaviors we still deal with sensory issues with my special needs boy. As he grew old and while planning his transition I had made that to be one of my major concern in all his transition forms.

When we started preschool our issues were hyperactivity. A swing in his preschool class room calmed him down. Only when he was nine did we learn from an OT the extent of his sensory issues. A 3000 dollar out of pocket expense taught us all about sensory integration.

We worked really hard at home , but as we gained a few steps we lost a few with onset of puberty and behavior issues.

Gain happened with regard to his fine motor skills and tabletop activities. He started becoming aware of known places. He started understanding routines and life became easy for him. He is currently very fluent on the assigned tasks at home and he needs minimum to no prompts.

So where are we when it comes to places out of comfort zone. He is still like a bull in a china shop. He tries his best by clinging on to me sometimes or locking himself in a bathroom. The outside world is still overwhelming. My brother keeps encouraging me to find him a job at amazon, (I have sent him pictures of him carrying groceries) and I am grateful for his hope but things are not as easy it looks. There are too many pieces of puzzle that needs to be put together before we can drop by with a job application.

But the mother in me keeps thinking, we have come this far why not more. Am I being overambitious or greedy I don’t know. I did not expect him to load the laundry or unload the dishwasher when he was 3. So without expectations I will continue with all the sensory exercises and activities for him to move outside his comfort zone.

Few days back my YouTube channel suggested me a video where a therapist was asked which needs to be done at age 3, speech or occupational therapy. I smiled at it since, at 25 we still need both. This seems to be a continuous process for us.

Physical Therapy!

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  1. Hi Uma, I don’t know a lot about autism, just what I’ve read and seen with Ani. There will always be many things that need done at home, Ani does so many of those things so well. Getting a job is a lot, Ani might be able to do the job but I would be afraid of other people who he would work with. I don’t know but I don’t know if a job would set Ani back with all his progress. I’ll bet there are places that help young people with forms of autism do jobs where they would be cared for as well. I am not an expert, I am mostly thinking like a Mom does having children of my own.

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    1. ❤️ Yes Kim what you say is all true. There are places that encourage autistic kids but those too are still overwhelming for Ani.


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