When I was a little girl, I was too proud since my house had a television, a black and white one. We used to have kids in our street coming to our house to watch cricket matches. The Sunday evening movies had lot of distorted pictures and the broadcasting local station had a card that always showed Sorry for the interruption, normal programming would resume soon. Even with all these interruptions and distortions the thrill of watching movies at home was immense.

I remember watching a broadcast of the then Prime Minister Indra Gandhi making a speech at the UN in color. It was at my friend’s house and I hoped one day we would have one too. It was in the mid 80s that we got color television and I still remember the first program I saw in color.

By 90s television and the industry had grown so much that the first thing I asked my husband was a good Television with all the channels. My husband always kept his promise. Even though we moved from India to US and around US, our new home would always have a TV with all the channels. Yes I was being spoilt by my husband. Few years ago we had saved points at Sears and got our 50 inch TV for free. Ha Ha what a proud moment it was!

As streaming services and demand channels are on rise, I still love all my cable channels. Though I have amazon prime membership, I love to watch TV on regular cable We don’t watch much TV together but its always fun to watch the weather and the news early in the morning and of course love to look at school closings during winter time.

I hope my cable provider doesn’t read this or he may just add a surcharge to the bill next month. 😀

Ragtag daily Prompt Thursday: Distorted

8 responses to “Distorted”

  1. See we’ve gone from watching just one channel to having so many that we can’t decide which one to watch 😊.

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  2. You are lucky. I don’t have many choices thank goodness being out here. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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  3. Sure brings back memories. One of us would go outside to turn the antenna and the other would stay inside to yell “Stop! Go back! Right there!”

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    1. How did I forget the antenna. 😂.

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  4. Hi Uma, I have regular tv too, I like watching tv shows on regular tv. When I was little, we did not have a color tv. My Grandfather used to come and get me and my three brothers to go to his house to watch The Thanksgiving Day Parade in color. He thought us kids should watch it in color to enjoy all the floats🙂

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    1. 😊😊 Your grandfather was sweet!


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