Understanding and interacting!

I have had people ask me how to interact with my son. I have been asked how much he understands. The answer is simple . Please be with him and you will learn on your own. My younger one is eight years younger to my special boy. He started understanding his brother by the time he was 2 years old. Did I teach him or educate him? Ha ha, no way. He learnt just being with him.

Today at the pool, my special boy rushed to sit in the hot tub, when the lifeguard showed his hand to slow him. He gave a high five ✋ and went in. I was a few feet behind him so had missed the precious interaction. I was overwhelmed with happiness when the lifeguard came and told me what happened. Small joys in life!

I love when my neighbors say hi 👋 to my son while we are walking. I love when people comment on his haircut. I usually buy him T shirts when we travel. I love when people ask him if he had enjoyed the place. These small interactions are huge both for me and my son.

I do know and I do understand that every individual has their own problems but a small effort can be made like a smile or a high five that can make another person’s day happy. You don’t need to put in hours of therapy just to learn interaction. A few seconds is enough.

I have never written two blogs in one single day. But as I was winding down my day, I read the above post on Facebook and I thought why not make a pitch for the above cause.

Ragtag community prompt for the day was pitch and all through the day I was thinking about baseball pitch and music pitch, who knew I would be writing about a different kind of pitch today just before going to bed!!!

6 responses to “Understanding and interacting!”

  1. A much relevant pitch 😀

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  2. Hi Uma, I always say Hi to Ani, I think he knows I am his neighbor, I have enjoyed learning about the activities you share with Ani, like cooking and puzzles. He is a very special boy, Mahesh is too!!

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  3. The ideal would be that everybody is nice to everyone, regardless of who they are, simply because it’s not only the right way to be but it’s so much simpler and nicer ❤️.

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