A Mommy in Action

A brisk walk in my neighborhood park, I view many things. The kids in the playground the baseball and softball team in action, the future cheerleaders cheering up the youth football league and so on. But the past three years I have seen a Mommy in action all April. The killdeer bird nesting itself in a public place but really hidden. When I approach her she screams at me and warns me not to disturb her or her tiny eggs. I hope to see her younger ones just how a butterfly comes out of the cocoon but nature is smart. It really hides good stuff. I don’t think I will be seeing the eggs hatching. All the best dear Mommy. Let your eggs hatch in peace.

Here is the picture of the Mommy nesting. You can see two eggs, but there are four of them.

The eggs are hidden in the pebbles so close to the softball field.

An overprotective Mommy screaming at me.

FOWC with Fandango: Brisk

RDP: Cocoon.

10 responses to “A Mommy in Action”

  1. Go mom!

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  2. Wonderful. So cool the eggs blend in so well with the rocks. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful finds. The bird, and its eggs, blends well into the pebbly landscape of the nest

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    1. Thanks! It is really hard for us to go and find it the next day since they are so
      blended in.

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  4. What treasure to find. Love it.

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