Getting settled!

The first two weeks of April involved lot of traveling which I thought would never happen. But it did. It was an experience. The next two weeks , as we wind down April have been me picking up things after a travel and establishing back a routine.

This last full week of April involved working with my boy and making him go back to his routine. I had been making videos of him cooking but I am not motivated to do anymore. I heard a couple of friends’ WhatsApp id had been hacked and now I do not want to post anything personal on social media. Okay, I already have so many pictures on social media but this has just made me shy from taking anymore pictures or videos. But if I want to do a digital cookbook for my boy I have to take videos and store them separately and not make it public. Yesterday at an Indian restaurant I told the chef that my son would be his competitor in a few years when he enquired about my boy! He said, “I would only be too happy.” He gave my boy a big plate of Hakka noodles which my special one couldn’t even finish😊.

We also worked on glow in the dark puzzles. These, we are going to hang in my boy’s room. I let him use the modge podge. The magic of modge podge you can never be wrong😊.

I also watched Ponniyin Selvan Part 2, a sequel. We were just 4 people at the movies. It was the first day, first show and my friend texted me I was one of the first to be watching in this continental US. My boy was out with his aide and my husband had to work. So I had to go with my younger one. I enjoyed the movie and a great break from routine in the middle of the week. The movie was supposed to have taken place in the 10th century and did not feature any scenes with people eating food. The reason being told, they did not have any proper authentic sources about what kind of food people ate that era. But I think they did get good resources about the costumes and jewelry of the Kings and Queens of that period. The jewelry really caught up my attention and now I am really happy I have caught up with the latest artificial jewelry that are being sold online now. When I watched part one, my special one came with me I didn’t enjoy these nuances but this time was able to do it. I will be watching it again with my husband on Amazon Prime. I hope my basement would be ready by then. Yes, the repair work continues 🤷‍♀️. Here is the trailer if you want to have a 3 minute glimpse of the 2 hour 44 minute movie.

It was abnormally cold and then it started to rain. April showers lead to May Flowers so I am happy. We will start our gardening projects from next weekend until then have to be cozy inside the comfort of our home😊.

Thanks for joining me and see you all in May,

For Natalie’s weekend coffee share.

7 responses to “Getting settled!”

  1. Nicely written

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  2. I love puzzles and those ones look fun with their bright colours. I didn’t know glow in the dark puzzles were a thing. I’m going to have to look them up.

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    1. Yes it says so on the box! We have to wait and see how bright it is going to be.

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  3. Thank you for your weekend coffee share. It’s nice when you get to see a movie in the theatre with no or very few people around.

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    1. Yup it was fun to have the whole theater to ourselves 😄!

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  4. I love the idea of using the glow in the dark puzzles as decoration and I’m glad you got to go out and enjoy yourself.

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