This is for ragtag community prompt of the day “balloon”

We celebrated my son’s 21st birthday and his graduation with a cruise. We were on the ship on 4th of July. We used the service autism on the seas which was wonderful in various ways. After years of spending money on treatments and therapies I think we gave our son something that was normal. He loved the buffet and the unlimited ice cream served😀. So what did I do, just sat, relaxed and watched so many people.

Red white and blue balloons

7 responses to “Balloons”

  1. Hi Uma, that looked like so much fun with all those balloons. Was this on the Gateway Clipper at Station Square? Did all the noise when the balloons scare Ani or did he love it because of all the colors? I’ve been on the lunchtime cruises on The Gateway Clipper with my Mom. They are so much fun😊

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    1. This was on Royal Caribbean 5 day cruise to Bermuda. We have done the Gateway clipper cruises many times. Ani is not bothered by noises.😀


      1. Good thing because it has been pretty noisy in our neighborhood lately🙂

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  2. Beautiful! I love all the balloons!

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    1. Thanks. Yes they are beautiful.


  3. Wow, that looked like so much fun!!

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