Talent show

Found out today morning one of my son’s online classes has a talent show. This was all of a sudden since we do not attend this particular class at that particular time. Keeping fingers crossed we did Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (missed the recording) and Happy Birthday (recording above) in spite of so many hurdles in the morning.

Online classes are not easy. I have been asked how we do it. I am really proud that he sat patiently waiting for his turn doing a 100 piece puzzle (which he finished) and took his turn to exhibit his talent listening to his friends rap, sing, dance, play a guitar and read a joke😀.

Cooking and music are two of his favorites, it has been one step forward and two steps backward in his autism journey. Staying hopeful as usual that one day we take couple of leaps together. We try different hats with my boy. I hope one of the hats is going to help him in the future.


It takes a village to raise a child, I think it should be more for these special people.

14 thoughts on “Talent show

  1. Very nicely written Uma. I really appreciate all your strength and positivity. You are such an inspiration to all. Wishing all the best to Ani. My love and hugs to you!❤️

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