Being a Mom, creativity happens in the kitchen. From breakfast to lunch boxes to dinner food needs to be creative so that your kids eat healthy. So here are some of my creations. 😀 For Ragtag community prompt: Creativity

Out in the community!

The transition into adulthood funding mainly allocates funds for disabled people to actively participate in the community. A lot of organizations offer voluntary hours for disabled to participate and public places like zoos and museums offer discounted entrance. When my son was young, even without our knowing we started taking him out into the community.Continue reading “Out in the community!”

Chocolate Factory!

My phone reminded me what we did last year this time. This week last year my son got his first COVID-19 vaccine. We stood in line and waited for an hour before he got his vaccine. Things have changed in a year now right? The psychological impact caused by the pandemic may not be knownContinue reading “Chocolate Factory!”

Choosing a battle to fight!

My son has anxiety and OCD cognitive behavioral therapy helps. With his autism diagnosis it is not easy. Therapies are comtinous process and I have understood over time it is not going to end. I have learnt occupational therapy, vision therapy, sensory integration and Applied behavioral analysis. My husband had his heart and soul intoContinue reading “Choosing a battle to fight!”