Chocolate Factory!

My phone reminded me what we did last year this time. This week last year my son got his first COVID-19 vaccine. We stood in line and waited for an hour before he got his vaccine. Things have changed in a year now right?

Line to get Covid-19 vaccine

The psychological impact caused by the pandemic may not be known for many years. There were no rules or regulations on how to approach the pandemic and each family created their own rules and decided to tackle it. We had trained our special needs one to be out in the community and he was getting antsy as he stayed home. Myself, my husband and my younger son were like Ping-Pong balls hitting each other off. I decided at that point I needed to be the guide to my family as what to do and decided to go on a trip to Hershey’s Chocolate Factory not too far from us.

A week after my son’s vaccine we decided to be among crowd. This was our first long drive in a year and first to be inside a crowded building. We relished every moment of our stay there.

The chocolate factory tour is always fun, how many times you may visit, and who can deny the sweetness after a year of being inside the house.

We love Reese as a family. The peanut butter chocolate doesn’t miss my son’s eyes when we are at the check out counter.

Last year was our 25th year of marriage. So the trip began with Kisses and by the end of last year my google maps indicated that we had done 3000 miles on the road. Anyway Mask mandates needs to be lifted for us to fly anywhere. Until then 2022 is going to be more road trips only.

Relish for Your Daily Word Prompt.

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