Choosing a battle to fight!

My son has anxiety and OCD cognitive behavioral therapy helps. With his autism diagnosis it is not easy.

Therapies are comtinous process and I have understood over time it is not going to end. I have learnt occupational therapy, vision therapy, sensory integration and Applied behavioral analysis. My husband had his heart and soul into physical therapy.

Schools did TEEACH and I added rapid prompting method at home.

All these happened over many years in parts and bits and whole and he has come a long way.

But today I have a ton of laundry to do. He would just be helping me out and he is definitely going to have a lot of fun in his own world listening to music😀. There was a time I felt guilty when he was stimming and being in his own world but he is almost 25 and isn’t that what all the people are doing with their phones. So he is not alone.😊

My battle for today is only laundry and that has to be addressed ASAP, autism therapies can wait😁!

Yesterday I got a notification saying I have 5000 views on my blog. Thank you all for taking the time to view, like and comment. It is truly encouraging.

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