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My first attempt with gardening was marigold. Nothing much is needed. A pot some pottung soul and seeds at walmart they were a hit! All summer my townhouse patio was bright with them.

As we moved to an independent house with the garden I planted them directly in soil and of course they bloomed without much maintenance.It seems chipmunks and squirrels 🐿 don’t like these plants.

But then a tiny villain came last year in the form of a 🐰 bunny! My marigold got eaten up as soon as they sprouted and nothing colorful came out. By the way if the bunny ate everything in my garden from tiny rose bushes to zinnia to bean plants. It was a disaster. So as I start preparing for my gardening this year my only thoughts are how to cheat this bunny!😃

Peter rabbit

12 thoughts on “Marigold

  1. Hi Uma, you and I had great fun last summer lamenting how the bunny ate your marigolds and my zinnias☺️ But we also texted a lot every time we saw the Mommy and Daddy bunny and their little ones. We watched them grow up. They are really cute but they sure do not have any respect for the beauty of our gardens😄

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  2. Hi, I just started reading one post and then I just kept on reading what you have written! Your work is definitely good.. it’s simple yet impactful. I love how easily you describe an event or an activity which could be quite common to me and special to you! Kudos! And keep writing. 🎈

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