This post is for RDP Saturday: Labyrinth

Jesus Datta Retreat Center is situated in West Sunbury, Pennsylvania. It is 60 miles North of Pittsburgh and an amazing spiritual sanctuary. Among many activities it has a huge labyrinth in the prayer hall which we have used for our son.

This labyrinth is a modified eight circuit Chartres. It was handmade in September, 2005 just after Hurricane Katrina. It was used in the year following that storm to offer walks for the relief workers there. It was also used for numerous prayer walks for healing after the BP Oil spill. They are planning a candlelight peace walk for the war in Ukraine soon. Because of its symmetrical nature, it is believed walking the labyrinth helps connect the right and left brain making not only a good tool for walking meditation, but also for problem solving. Studies have shown it can help those with ADHD and various anxiety disorders. Hospitals and rehab centers across the nation have installed labyrinths.

To learn more about this place please visit the website here.


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