Monday was a hot day for us. I heard on news that it is good to be out in the sun since it helps to improve our serotonin level. If that were the case that no one should be depressed in the tropics.

I deal with my son’s anxiety and I have learnt about dopamine and serotonin for the past two decades. It is not easy to live with a mental health condition. But I have learnt being active helps. Even on cold weather days we have gone for walks. We have continued to do activities at home that can keep the brain active and happy.

My son does need meds to help him be calm, but we are trying our best to do all other things that can help alternatively. So yes, we love hot weather days, when we can go on picnics and have a lunch with an iced drink. We have been religiously doing picnics that have helped not only my son but our entire family. Maybe sun does help with serotonin levels. (maybe not to the level of stopping meds, but not increasing them!)

So eagerly waiting for all the picnic days ahead of us.

Remembering some picnics we had last year!

2 responses to “Picnics”

  1. Kimerle Anne Viccaro Avatar
    Kimerle Anne Viccaro

    Hi Uma, I have noticed too how much better my mood is when the sun is out!! Also the outside birds, bunnies, and squirrels are more active when the sun is out!! It is always more fun to eat outside. I liked your photo of last year’s picnic!!

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