Ragtag Community Prompt: Slip

These pictures were taken February 2011 in Boston. That was the last winter we spent in that city before moving to Pittsburgh.

If you love snow you would love Boston. Nothing can beat the Nor’easters over there. Then again comes the risk of icy conditions that can make you slip and fall. Still remember one winter maybe 2009 when my special one got out of his school van in front of our house and slipped on the ice and fell. He lost consciousness for a minute and the bus driver had to call 911. The police and the ambulance came but my son refused to climb into the ambulance. I was searching for my cell phone to call my husband when the lady police officer pulled out all the sofa cushions to see if it was stuck there. Ha Ha, that was quick thinking on her part. Then with sirens on behind me I drove my son to the emergency room. By the time we got there the kid was super hyper that we didn’t have to wait. They did a quick MRI and discharged us super fast. When I narrated this incident to my neighbor he said this must have been on record for the emergency room for discharging a person. Ha Ha they didn’t want anything more with him.

These are times that we think laugh about. But those are really tough times. My son cannot express pain like others so we had to watch him out to see if he is experiencing any late side effects. Anyhow I think he remembers that incident and he hasn’t had , touchwood, any slips up until now. Pittsburgh is not a snow town but we do have icy spots all winter. Slippery slopes all through the city from December until March. We have learnt to live with it.

icy front
piles of snow in front of our condo.

2 responses to “Slip”

  1. I knew Boston gets a lot of snow. I think Pittsburgh does too but not as much as Boston. I am glad we don’t get as much because of all the hills here. I don’t know if Boston is hilly or not. I do not like falling. I always wear good boots in the snow because my dog Ringo needs his daily walks or he goes crazy.

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    1. Yes Kim, Pittsburgh doesn’t get 100 inch snow but Boston is less hilly. You have to be careful here too.


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