Father’s Day!

Day 19! Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Fathers out there. The silent heroes.

Today I decided my family to run the show. In the morning I got a new basketball, baseball set (since my son started liking and playing) and some table tennis balls.

Remember those T shirts we tie dyed, that was Father’s Day gift to the men in our house. They had to wear them and come up with games on their own . Ha Ha , no one was cooperative. They felt shy, lazy tired and not motivated. I think families are like that.

So dressed up they pushed themselves out. There were no rules or regulations. They just needed to go out and play. Genetically give men ball, they are going to play, and they had a blast hitting with the baseball and making baskets with the basketball after the initial hesitation.

But the fun really started once we took the table tennis balls out. I have a beaten up beer pong table that we used for my son’s therapies. I remembered one of his teacher who came home to give my son therapy talk about her college days and how she used to play with it. That is when I got some plastic cups and my younger one came up with a game (of course he had seen on tiktok ). It was very competitive and my parents who just had given all sorts of reasons not to move around started playing the game. My Dad who had given so many excuses not to throw a ball was actively involved and my Mom who was saying it was too cold outside was sweating.

I think this was a quality time spent as a family and my special one was not given any consideration that he was special needs. He was a participant who had to take turns in the game. I have tears coming out of my eyes (yes feeling a bit sentimental) that I did this activity today. I saw my parents after nearly 5 years and my kids had really missed on family for so many years and I think this day was memorable.

Oh by the way who did win the game? I won the game and my special boy was the runner up.

Thank you all for stopping by and see you all with another activity tomorrow . Just 11 more days remaining in June.

fun with table tennis balls.

6 responses to “Father’s Day!”

  1. Hi Uma, yesterday I forgot to say how I loved your day on the inclines. They are really fun and sort of like a ride at Kennywood. My Great Aunts, Aunt Hilda and Mildred used to talk about seeing the horse and buggies on the Inclines. They lived on Mt. Washington. The city does look pretty from up high.

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    1. Wow it must have been harsh in winters.


  2. Hi Uma, Happy Father’s Day to your Dad and Husband. Those tie dye shirts are really nice and colorful. It is funny how not wanting to do something turns into glad you did once you start. It must be so nice for you this year spending Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with your parents.

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    1. Yes Kim it is nice.


  3. You guys did a good job with those shirts!

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