The Monongahela incline.

Day 18 of my challenge! If you are joining me today, during the month of June I am doing different activities with my special boy and my family and making journal entries of the same.

We live in a city of tunnels and bridges. What is the best way to have the view of this beautiful city. It is from top of Mount Washington. We traveled up the Monongahela Incline up to the top of Mount Washington and we enjoyed the three river city . The weather was perfect today and my boy absolutely loved the trip up on the incline. He was like a peacock walking briskly on top of Mount Washington. He enjoyed the tiny view of the trains, buses, cars and the boats and though I am scared of heights, it was a conversation starter for me with him. Though we are not photographers we took multiple pictures. Here are a few pictures of Downtown Pittsburgh.

See you all again tomorrow with a Father’s Day activity.

picture taken from inside the incline
from the top
loved watching the incline climb up

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