Pool Games!

Day 20!

After involving my whole family yesterday today was me alone with my boy at the pool. We did indoor pool already so we decided to go outdoors and I had some pool toys with me. More than ten years ago while I was talking to another Mom, she told me how her therapist would throw stuff into the water and her boy would retrieve it. I have seen my younger one do that with his swim instructor. I never thought I would be able to do with my special one so have always ignored it.

But yesterday I bought 4 rings from Target and we decided to use it in the indoor pool. Much to my surprise, my boy started grabbing it even before they sank😀. Then I patiently threw one by one and asked him to retrieve it. The fun part was, he never put his head inside and retrieved it with his foot🤣. The indoor facility has a lazy river and I threw them in and he was able to retrieve three from the flowing river. But we couldn’t find the last one but moved our game outdoors since the outdoor facility opened at 11am.

It was a chilly day and it was practically empty. It is like a mini water park with multiple slides. We played ring retrieval game outside and he had fun out in the pool. But he didn’t approach the slides or the bucket dumping the water 😀!

Before we went to the shower I asked the life guard if he could search for the missing ring in the lazy river. He walked around the pool and said it had got stuck in a drainage block in a whirl pool.

My son has never entered the whirlpool unless he is pushed inside. I told him that the last circle was inside and that he needed to get it. Much to my surprise the kiddo walked into the whirlpool and retrieved the ring.

If my son couldn’t get it, the lifeguard was ready to retrieve it. But we didn’t need his help😀😀!

I really had underestimated my boy but he is doing different things. See you all tomorrow with another activity.

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