A South Indian snack.

Day 21 of my challenge and it is summer solstice, the longest day of the year for us.

A snack staple in every household while I was growing up. A snack made by the ladies of the household in the month of February in India when the sun was perfect and the weather was comfortable to get up early in the morning and prepare the snack. A snack that was healthy with no processed material and that which could be stored and used for a year. So what is this? It is vadaam.

A tasty snack that can be eaten alone or as a side dish. It is a lengthy process in which the rice flour is made to a paste and sun dried using a press.

The past few years my boy has been helping me do it and he is a pro in using the press. So today with me and Grandma helping him we made our first batch. I hope this is just the beginning of making the snack since these taste yummy during those cold winter days when the dried up snack is deep fried to go along with yummy mixed rice.

Today was fun, as I took pictures and kept uploading to my draft. I hope you all enjoy my day. A perfect rice snack when hunger strikes you.

Nine more days to go as I do different activities with my son this June. Thank you all for the support and see you all tomorrow with a different activity.

The rice flour mixture
The process
Proudly finished
Drying up in the sun
Half dried are yummy too.
The finished dried up snack
My son deep frying the snack
The fried product
Goes great with rice.

RDP Tuesday prompt is hunger!

6 responses to “A South Indian snack.”

  1. How interesting. I enjoyed learning about vadaam. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Hi Uma, the deep fried snack looks really delicious. Is it sweet or savory? Can you eat it plain dried like you showed In the jar and also deep fried? One question, while it is drying outside, how do you keep flies or other bugs from landing on it as it dries?


    1. It is salty. The bugs don’t get attracted to this. Usually in India you have to save it from birds and critters. So kids sit and watch or u keep black umbrellas to scare them off. But here the critters and birds have no clue what this is. Anyhow the dried stuff is hard to eat and needs to be fried . Though looks complicated and cumbersome it is healthier than store bought chips😀.


  3. The Indian snacks are usually delicious and mouth watering preparations. Savouries like “Samosa”, “Aloo Tikki” and “Vada Pav” are easily prepared and are commonly served Indian snacks. The popularity of Indian snacks grew because of its easy process of preparation and that they can be prepared at any time. The crispness and tempting tastes of Indian snacks is liked by young and old alike. Snacks are generally eaten between meals. It is thought to be ideal to serve the appetizing Indian snacks while having coffee or tea.

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    1. There are so many snacks that were made by Indian women at home that are just store bought now or not available anymore. The more time is spent on a food the more the snack becomes healthy.

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