Doll collection!

What was your favorite toy as a child? (Day 4 prompt)

I lived in a joint family with my paternal grand parents. One time my grandparents visited Madurai, ( a beautiful city in Southern India. They got kids kitchen wooden set for both myself and my brother. Mine was green and pink and my brother’s orange and blue. It was so neatly packed in a palm leaf box.

My grandmother kept it in her closet for safe keeping and she would give it to me only when I wanted to play. She loved collecting dolls, so this became part of it. I did not like it that much that I had to depend on her to play with them. But in those days we respected our elders so much that it was accepted , whatever they did was always good. As I kid I think this was my favorite one of all since this one is still in my memory.

Traditional wooden kitchen play set.

Anyhow fast forward now, I am passionate about dolls. We celebrate Navaratri , a Hindu festival with doll display. Even staying here in the United States I have accumulated a lot of them. Few years back when my husband went to India , he got me the same set of the traditional wooden kitchen play set,( which I proudly display during Navaratri.

My doll collection is not limited to Indian festivals, I have a good collection of Christmas village sets and of course I collect a lot of ornaments as I see them.

I am blessed and fortunate that I can afford them, and also maintain them and display them during festive times.

Maybe my favorite toy was one of the motivation for me to start collecting dolls or maybe not. But my journey with dolls have come a long way. People entering my house call my collection a display of my passion. Of course it is!


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  1. That is a beautiful collection!

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  2. This doll display during navratri is probably called Golu.

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