Learning a new skill!

What is something you wish you knew how to do? (Day 5 Bloganuary prompt)

There is a proverb in my language “What you have learnt is a mere handful: What you haven’t learnt is the size of the world. “

There are so many skills that I do not have and there are so many skills I wish to learn but one stands out. I wish I can make a flower garland, specifically a jasmine garland.

When I was young I loved watching flower ladies make a garland at a supersonic speed. Whenever I had time I used to buy some flowers and tried to make one, they were loose or flowers with tiny stem wouldn’t hold itself. I never mastered that skill.

After moving to the States, I was able to buy carnations and make a garland. I cheated here. I used to have a thread and a needle and used to make the garland . I did not make garland using the specific knot that is traditionally used to make a garland.

I just googled and found a very nice you tube link on how to make it. Thanks to my blogging challenge I may try to achieve this skill.


5 responses to “Learning a new skill!”

  1. I love the smell of jasmine and these little garlands 🙂

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    1. Yes they smell so good too!

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  2. Thank you for posting on this Day#5 prompt. I had not received it yet in my in-box. Learning to make garlands sounds like a fun thing to do and a great gift to bestow on favorite friends. Don’t wait for special occasions! Make one today and surprise someone “Just Because!”


  3. I really like that proverb. Thank you for sharing.

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