My inspiration!

The person who inspires me the most. Bloganuary Day 6 Challenge!


The person who inspires me the most is my spiritual Guru. Spirituality aside I want to bring forth all his characteristics that make Him my inspiration.

He is a musician. My Guru has done many Healing and Meditation concerts throughout the world. It is through His Healing Music and a search for an autism cure where I came in contact with Him.

As I learnt more about Him I understood the hard work He puts forth for all his concerts. He plays the keyboard for His healing music. It seems He spends hours together practicing with his accompanying artist for the concert to be a success. I thought a Guru does magic or so I have learnt. But I understood the magic was His hardwork.

The community and spiritual projects He undertakes always turn out to be well finished . The reason is the same. Non stop hard work and focus on the task he undertakes. His academic education is limited but He has gained abundance of world experience from the travels He undertakes and learns without any ego. He gave a flute concert , a new instrument for him a few years ago. His personal assistant informed the hardwork He put in that week so that He didn’t take that new task casually. He committed to that task.

He calls Himself a silent teacher and I have learnt hard work, selflessness, humbleness and modesty silently.

I have still so much to learn from him spiritually but how to do mundane day to day tasks to live in this world is what I have learnt the most in the past ten years.

Under his guidance and direction hundreds of kids and adults memorized the 700 verse Bhagavad Gita under a strict schedule. His energy guided my entire family to read the scripture so fluently and myself and my younger one memorized the Holy Geetha. A task I thought can never be achieved, though I come from a very orthodox Hindu Brahmin family.

He is young and will be turning 80 in May and still continues to be active in all the activities he undertakes even today!

My blog says positivity and I think my Guru’s influence plays a huge role.🙏

4 responses to “My inspiration!”

  1. Kudos to you and your Guru🙏🙏

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  2. I lived in India for a time and I love that style of music. Thanks for sharing. 😀

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  3. You are welcome. Happy you enjoyed it!


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