If I win a lottery? Fandango’s Provocative Question #190

This November, I am trying to write to other blogger’s prompts. So here is another one: (By the way I have written almost everyday. So check out the November tab if you want to read more)!

You just won a giant lottery jackpot. What are the first three things you’re going to do with the money you won? Fandango’s Provocative Question #190

I am not a big fan of buying lottery since I feel that we should work hard for our money. Since this is a hypothetical situation I thought why not have some fun with it.

1. When my special boy turned 21, we took a cruise. We did not do it alone. We did with an organization called autism on the seas. An amazing organization that helped us onboard with anything and everything and even on our excursions on land. My boy enjoyed the cruise very much and we had services to take care of him. Me and my husband had a lot of time to do things on our own. I was thinking of going on a cruise again and so this would be my first choice as to how I would spend the money.

Our cruise
With the amazing staff

2. There are some therapies we had missed for our son since insurance would not cover so that too would be tried and now that I can afford to pay out of pocket. My son would have unlimited hours of occupational, physical, speech and behavior therapy. Autism therapies are expensive. I think parents need multiple jackpots. Here is the link that shows the cost.

3. There are a lot of special need organizations that I would love to donate. Two organizations my son is participant now are PACC and Miracle League of South Hills. There are many more non profits that would benefit with a jackpot win.

My son being cheered as he gets the medal
PACC’s amazing trunk or treat

If I could have one more choice maybe more funding for autism research and therapies. This too requires multiple jackpots, but hey this is hypothetical so why not one more.😀

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Agni 🔥


This week our topic is Weathered, burned or Burning Wood.

The Worship of Agni or Fire is very sacred in Hindu Vedic Rituals. You can learn all about it here.

Men only have the authority to do this worship and both my boys have had Brahmopadesham which gives them the right to do a kind of Fire Worship. Let me tell you this is one of the easiest practices I have seen with my brother and my boys. Give boys fire, they do love it. My younger one not only does this, but makes his special brother participate in it. This has to be done everyday, but due to time constraint he does it during his summer vacation. I would say not a single year he had given me a headache of not doing it. He voluntarily does it. We live in a house that is predominantly wood, we have to be extra careful. Unlike temples, we have a special bowl that has sand and a specific kind of wood that is used to start the fire. Clarified butter, that is ghee is offered and my son is really careful to see to it that the fire safely stays inside the bowl. It is just a couple of teaspoon offerings unlike temples and religious functions but the smell emitted from this is wonderful. After the prayers, the black ash is applied with special mantras in different parts of the body. It is performed for the general well being of the person doing. This ritual is called Samithadhaanam. Below is the small Homa Kundam (bowl) my boys use to perform this ritual at home. Most of you are aware of Surya Namaskarams that is greatly practiced in yoga classes. This fire prayer is also a part of the same practice done by men regularly in olden days. By the way married men have a different set of mantras but my husband does not do it. Both me and my husband love all the rituals associated with our culture so maybe one day when he is retired and has ample time, he could do it and I would greatly support that.

This picture taken many moons ago. My younger one teaching his special brother.

The cold has arrived!

The weather dropped below freezing today morning. Again we are below our average. So it is like we are above or below average temperatures. It seems like Mother Nature wants all of us to get used to ups and downs. Is it not same with our lives.

We will be walking more inside the recreation center now than outside. We have registered for a charity walkathon virtually and my special one did 4500 steps. Hope this makes us motivated to make my boy walk more than usual even if we are inside. The walking surface is much more smooth inside but we walk small circles, so we can get bored easily. But the basketball kids are back inside the courts and we get a good view of them playing so that is good in one way too.

Amazon delivered my son’s Diwali craft work late so we will be doing Diwali craft work during Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Amazon thought I would be bored with one festival theme that they wanted me to mix and match activities. At the end of the day, I am engaging my special one in a positive way. So we have enough things in hand for us to handle the winter and cold weather with indoor activities.

A summer memory of my Japanese Meadowsweet for Cee’s Flower of the Day!


Another day and another blogger’s prompt in my November attempt to write from other bloggers prompts.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with or contains ‘cel.’” Find a word that begins with or contains “cel” and use it in your post any way you’d like. Have fun!

My younger one turned 18 today and it was a small celebration. My typical teenager became a legal adult today. He is a bit sad he turned 18 a few days after the midterm elections. He kept saying if he was born a week earlier he would have voted. We live in a battleground state and his vote would have definitely counted🙂. Unlike his brother who has a summer bash), his birthdays are always scaled down since it is in the middle of the school year and many birthdays one or the other person in the house would be sick. But at least we are all healthy this year. I asked him what he wanted, he just said a Bundt cake! We got him a funny shirt too and I Hope remembers and preserves it.

On a serious note, he can legally take care of his special brother which of course a huge responsibility and one that he is prepared to do. So lots of love and wishes and blessings to him.

Cold weather dropped in today and we are bundling ourselves at home. Really was getting used to the unusual warm weather!

Scavenger Hunt

Today my son’s program met at the mall food court. My son loves the food court, but meeting and doing activities in the food court is not his passion. He loves to eat and that is the only thing he wants to do. So he had a mild tantrum asking for food when we went there. But he understood he had to do some art work before he can get his food. He even said a big “Hi” to all his friends, thinking that may get him his food. As soon as he was done with the activity, we went to buy his food and he seemed to be happy and relaxed by then. That is when I looked at a Scavenger Hunt List that was given to me by his facilitator. There were 24 on it and my son was getting a bit hyper that we decided to try our luck with it. We made 22 out of the 24 on the list and my son took each and every picture as I read and pointed to the place. I was a big scared to take a picture of the jewelry shop and some we zoomed and took pictures. The escalator, massage chair and the soda machine (vending machine) did not complain when we took a close up shot. I thought a video would be more fun than pictures. Hope you all open the link and see the fun scavenger hunt we did at the mall.


We have been to the mall before but today me and my son saw it from a different perspective. My county funds my son for him to be out in the community and I think today was something unique. If you put your heart into anything. any place can become fun and even education can take place. Oh, the only shop we did enter was the coffee shop and I had to buy him an oatmeal raisin cookie! Other than that we were fine. The target was 24 but we got 22, I think that is cool.

So today’s blogger’s prompt: Word of the Day Challenge: Target

Tangerine Peppers

An ornament plant out in the lobby of my Recreation Center would have made my Dad drool. I took this picture specifically for him since he loves spicy peppers. Both his grandson and granddaughter know about his taste, that is how he reacts to these tiny peppers. By the way I too would drool since i have inherited his taste genes. These little peppers are very spicy when they are green. My husband and my younger one would run away from these peppers, but I do sneak them into anything and everything I am having alone. 🙂

For Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: November Tangerine Orange

I hope I get the bonus points, since they are not autumn leaves or pumpkin!!!!

This November I am trying to write for other bloggers challenge and here is a new one😊.

Special Diets

When my son was three I asked my pediatrician if I should take my son off milk or gluten. He said no need since there was no evidence of milk causing any issues of autism. My son loved icecream and that was the only food he craved for. He loved those little debbie zebra cakes too, and usually he would eat no other than these two items . He was very thin then and his food choices were limited. So he lived off anything that could be licked or food that can be made into segments and we were ready to give h

By the time he was 9, he developed facial tics and our journey to find a solution began. His pediatrician then recommended that we stop gluten and milk!!! Do you how hard it is to go on a diet then? We slowly limited his milk intake and going gluten free was easy since we eat rice. Within a week I got a call from school saying his behaviors had improved drastically.

Yes, my son responded to diet but it was not enough to take his diagnosis away. We also lost our battle during his puberty years when he was diagnosed with PANDAS. Those were tough and we introduced back things into the diet along with enzymes. In fact he did loose interest in Indian bread chappathi and cakes. He doesn’t crave for it. But he is a pizza and ice cream junkie. Over the years we have learnt to accept that we can’t win all the autism battles. The food battle is something we have lost.

Anyhow over the years the food industry has rolled out of duplicates which we didn’t have when we started 15 years ago. So yes, I can cheat him with a cauliflower vegan pizza but I do loose him at the food court. My recommendation or suggestion, it is perfectly fine to try any kind of diet for your kid. There are many kids who have showed huge improvement with diets. We were the unlucky ones that did not gain anything huge. Food is what we are, so we do cook a lot at home and try to be clean and organic as much as possible. Yet……. we have lost the battle!

I have a ton of food pictures on my phone and I thought these pictures would apt for

Ragtag Community Prompt: lick

Fandango One Word Challenge: Segment 😊

By the way this one was a killer (in a sense, it was tasty but loaded with sugar) at an Indian restaurant. They served ice-cream with Indian sweet Gulab jamun!


Today after a long time, I saw my resting heart rate go down on my fitbit. I didn’t take my boy out into the community. We have decided Tuesdays are going to be cooking days. We use an instant pot to make one pot meals and it is not an arduous task. He worked on a hundred piece puzzle as I switched channels and ended up taking cat naps. A simple one pot meal and salad didn’t take much time but I am still searching for my cucumber that I got yesterday from the store. I even searched in my car trunk and found out red onions rolled back in the trunk. I was not missing onions😂. So where did the cucumbers go???? My husband after work did search for the cucumbers with confidence saying we did get it home. But no, it is still missing!!! Anyway that is a mystery, we are off to the gym to do some arduous exercise. I hope so!😊

For Your Daily Word Prompt Arduous

All November I am trying to write to prompts provided by other bloggers. Finding a picture or using a word in my blog is not that easy but it is super fun.