Sweet and sour

List your top 5 favorite fruits.

Thought this was an interesting prompt provided by wordpress.

My first favorite fruit is Guavaa or in my language goiya pazham . We had a tree in our house and eating before it became ripe was the best part. I have eaten so much that I have not had one after coming to the States.

The second favorite fruit is mango. My maternal grandfather had a big big big coconut grove and a very snall cozy home which had a mango tree. One year the tree gave so much mangoes that during my summer break we ate to our hear’s content.

Then comes poor man’s fruit which is the banana. Nothing can beat the fullness this fruit gives.

Strawberries and cantaloupes are the two fruits I started eating after coming to this country. If my bunny rabbit blesses me I may even harvest a few next month. But it has been watching my garden like a hawk waiting for the flower to become a fruit.

13 responses to “Sweet and sour”

  1. The first three are my favorite too. We get cantaloupes , musk melon as it is called here regularly. It is considered very good for the stomach during the hot months. But strawberries are very expensive.

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    1. I never ate cantaloupe in India.


  2. My grandmother ksi gad a guava tree in her backyard, and we loved picking the fruit in the fall – and it was much tastier than the fruit we can buy in stores. She also had a fig tree.

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    1. Eating from a tree is always delicious 😀.


  3. I think for anyone born in this region, mangoes have to be their most favorite fruit.

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  4. I live near berries all summer. Picking a favourite fruit would be hard, but mangos would be on my list.

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    1. I was a city girl but loved my trips to the village for this reason.

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  5. I love all fruit, but I’d definitely put guava as one of my favorites. And also durian, cherries, and fresh figs.
    Dragon fruit is great too. (I tend to go for the exotics).

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    1. You do have open taste buds. 😊


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