A Team Player

Are you a leader or a follower?

Over the course of my life I have seen leaders emerge. What I have seen in them the perseverance to lead and the hard work they put in. But there are other people who would have put in the same effort but couldn’t become one. So luck does play a role.

Okay let’s not talk about political situation even if there is a small group a leader definitely emerges and the others like or not become followers.

Okay what about me. My family that is my husband and my kids would say I lead everything in my house. Maybe I am out loud and out spoken. But in reality all of them have their way by silently acting as if they are following me but doing their own thing 😂.

In reality I think being a leader comes with it’s own responsibilities which I think I can’t shoulder upon. Being a follower is hard too. I can’t say yes to anything or everything.

I have this blog so people can follow me not as a follower but as a friend who would love to know my thoughts. I follow people to learn things and be a fellow friend. Yes, I am a very good team player and that is all.

Written for WordPress prompt of the day!

13 responses to “A Team Player”

  1. You are a great leader – no doubt – Sthree Shakti

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  2. A woman in charge of the household needs to be a leader. As for political leaders; yikes.

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    1. You are right. Lately political leaders have made us hate all kinds of leaderships.

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      1. Very true. In whatever part of the world you live, it’s mostly the same

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  3. I feel like a leader in life, but a team in my household, which is just my husband and I — and our three kitties.

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    1. That is so nice 😊!


  4. blindzanygirl Avatar

    I am not very good at being a follower because that makes me feel like a sheep. I think I am a bit of a leader but in a small way. I am hopeless in a team lol.

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  5. Being the woman of the home requires some leadership as I believe the woman sets the tone of the home. Caring for a family, and making sure each person has what they need requires leadership skills. Like you stated, also requires team work. Good leaders also know how to work as a team. Like your post.

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    1. Thank you. You made some very good points.

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  6. Team player is the most appropriate word here. A nice article!

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