Why do you blog? Answering prompt provided by Blindzanygirl

Today morning my shower was hot even though I kept it at the same setting. The reason being our temperatures have increased and it is not so cold. How can I share this thought to the world if I do not have a blog.😃

My son got diagnosed with autism just before my 25th birthday so I have been a special needs kid’s mother most of my life. I really wanted to have some individuality and so I started writing. My about me page has all the details but again a reflection of why I blog here once again.

I started my blog page just before the pandemic began and I could have used that time to spread my blog. No I did not. I just wrote just one or two blogs. Then I did the Bloganuary Challenge 2022 and I really enjoyed doing it. I found so many other blogger’s challenges the same time and I thought I can participate in that too. I know about obsessive compulsive disorder very well, since I struggle with my son so I am not obsessed with blogging. But I see to it that I post blogs on a regular basis and I try to read as many bloggers’ posts I follow. I keep telling everyone I do not have the time to read but reading other people’s blog is easy since I can do that while I watch my son do his puzzle or when he is just walking in the yard. So I do read a lot.

When my second kid wrote on his French essay that his Mom is a blogger, I felt elated. This I would say was a feather on my cap moment. I also did seven blogs to the pictures my brother shared with me on WhatsApp. He used to tease me, that I can write for anything and I did it.

If I did not have a blog how can I boast all the achievements I make like me memorzing the entire Gita or finding my long lost prescription glasses😊😃.As a human it gives me the much needed pride when WordPress sends me messages saying I have this many views or followers. Of course my Mom and bots around the world share some credit, it does help my ego.

As I keep saying to myself I am not only a special needs Mom, but also a daughter, a mother to a typical kid and a sister and I think I am exhibiting all those aspects in my blog (though it says special needs).

I feel like I own a big organization with my blog and that has given me positive energy to spend quality time with my family. I do hope my blog does spread positivity to others who read them the same way it does for me.

This was a wonderful prompt and Thank you so much for that.

Dahi Vada I made for a potluck 😃

11 responses to “Reflecting”

  1. Your blog is wonderful, and you are genuine because you visit other people’s blogs too and comment. I’m glad we found each other. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. If I had more time I would respond to everyone’s blog. I feel guilty when I just like someone and leave it like that.


  2. Blogging gives us an identity, that’s very true. Keep on writing my friend

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    1. Thanks for all the support.

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      1. Always a pleasure

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  3. blindzanygirl Avatar

    I’ve just started to follow your blog, it looks great. Thanks for responding

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    1. Thanks! I found your blog this morning only through another blogger’s post.🙏


  4. I love reading your blogs Uma❤️. You have lived next door to me for 12 years and even though we would talk outside sometimes or text when the water or power goes out, your blog helps me know you better. Plus some are funny, and some make me think more about your experiences when you travel or when you learn things from your guru. I think you are a wonderful writer. I always look forward to your blog.

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  5. I own a big organization with my blog….so true! I too think wp is like a family of my own. A beautiful thought indeed!

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    1. Indeed wp is like a big family. Vasudeva Kudumbakam.🙏

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