Back to the Trails

Few weeks back after our trip back from New Jersey I promised myself I will limit my travel to just within our zip code. True to the promise, I have been spending most of the time around my community with our everyday activities and doing some spring cleaning.

I think my Mom will only be too happy to learn that I have cleared three of my kitchen draws. New shelf liners have been laid out and I found a couple of things that I had lost long back. One among them was my prescription reading glasses. (It took my Mom lot of patience not to clear my draws when she was here last summer. )

I have also been busy shopping around for new bpa free plastic containers. I did find a few. I am not a fan of putting groceries away, but my jars did invite me to unpack all my Indian groceries. Yup, they look good in their new containers. I have a few more to replace and for the next two or three months I think this unpacking of Indian groceries is going to be exciting as I try to purchase the exact size containers.

Mother Nature finally smiled at us and normal temperatures returned back. We walk outside a lot and our favorite is the Montour Trail which connects to the Allegheny passage. We have ups and down streets and these trails are almost straight and other than bikers they are very safe for me to walk with my son. He gets his independence on the trails. These trails guarantee a 10,000 steps a day and it is just few miles away from our house. They have ice cream shops and bike rentals on some segments and this is one of our favorite pass time during spring, summer and fall. So after a long time we hit the trails today and got back our rhythm.

With sun setting late and the weather getting better I have to get my sun room and porch cleaned up so I can sit outside and relax. All done with Winter.

For Natalie’s Weekend Coffee share.

8 responses to “Back to the Trails”

  1. The Montour Trail looks very nice for long walks. I’m glad to hear it’s near your home and safe for you and your son to enjoy. Thank you for your weekend coffee share.


  2. What a lovely walking trail! Living in a walkable area makes such a difference for health and wellbeing.

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    1. Yes . I should have thanked the volunteers who work hard to keep these trails clean.

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  3. blindzanygirl Avatar

    The trails sound wonderful

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  4. That trail looks great. I haven’t been hiking in awhile…time to get started on it.

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