A piece of cake for Amma 🍰

Weekend was hectic because of an unplanned long drive . Had to go off my diet. I saw to it I didn’t take much carbs but somehow gained some extra pounds. I hope it is just water weight 😀.So all next week would be catching up on the diet. (It will be more soups and salads)😊

My Mom turns 70 on Tuesday. Our religion has special prayers when we turn 55.60,70, 80 etc. All these aee optional but my brother being in India has called in the priest. My Mom is so shy and is against these celebrations and prayers , yet she has agreed. These are the times I feel bad I am not there with my parents. But all these prayers are needed for a healthy and happy years that are ahead of her and I am only glad it is happening .

Again a picture from my brother today. He was at a cake shop in Chennai and really apt. A warning I should not eat anything calorie loaded this week and virtual cakes for my Mom on her birthday.

Maybe I am spoiling my Mom’s surprise cake from my brother on her birthday ?

11 responses to “A piece of cake for Amma 🍰”

  1. Enticing photo. Namaskarams and birthday wishes to your Mom, Ganga.

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  2. Yum cake. The choices look amazing.

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  3. Please convey our namastes and best wishes to your mother. We wish here a healthy and happy life.

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  4. Birthday wishes to your Mom. These cakes are so yummy. Anita

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  5. Sounds like a busy weekend! I know how hard it can be to stick to a diet when life gets in the way, but don’t worry too much about those extra pounds. It’s probably just temporary and you’ll get back on track with your soups and salads. Happy birthday to your Mom!

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    1. Thanks for the wishes!


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