Tamil New Year/Vishu

I used my brother’s picture on my last blog. Okay as I woke up early today morning it is our New Year, Puthandu, Vishu all in one and my brother had sent me two pictures. A shastiabdapoorthy or 60th birthday celebration lunch he had consumed. His boasting how he finished the entrie leaf/plate in 15 minutes and challenged me to write a blog incorporating the picture 😀.

There is nothing huge about New Year except an elaborate meal is cooked but I had not planned on it since I have to take to my boy to the program. But the leaf did make my taste buds open up and I decided I should do a paal payasam or rice porridge. This takes so much of time but I do have not one but two instant pots and decoded to try it on.

Okay I learnt today instant pot is a wrong word. Nothing cooks instantly. I followed every single word from an online post and it took me 90 minutes to get the porridge ready. It really took my boy’s patience since I had draped myself in a beautiful saree. But he wanted to me change into pants and meanwhile I did 3 more items in a detailed manner. My husband said why not skip his class but it was zumba day and HE was ready to go. I packed his lunch and we all waited patiently for the steam to come down and VOILA the payasam, the kheer or the porridge whatever you call was done.

It was worth all the waiting time and of course a very YUMMY treat.

Okay our lunch box or plate is not full like his leaf but I did vadas while the payasam was being cooked and I think I can say I did satisfy my taste buds in full. 😊 Meanwhile the zumba was good and we needed the workout after the payasam and vada we consumed at home.😀

4 responses to “Tamil New Year/Vishu”

  1. Muralidharan Narssimhachsri Avatar
    Muralidharan Narssimhachsri

    Yes we had good lunch

    We could not eat full as the items are too much.

    While it was very spicy unusually yesterday

    We enjoyed different marriage food yesterday

    Your dad and mother was so happy yesterday as your brother was with them . I could see their happiness
    on their face.
    Like last year then go to Canada and USA this year as well and spend time with you all.
    I lime your Vafa and pal payasam

    Any wishing you all very happy விஷு and தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துகள்.

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    1. Happy New Year to you too! Puthandu Vazthukal.


  2. Happy new year.

    My entire household (except me) was down with the flu. So, only Mangai pachadi on my table.

    The payasam looks wonderful. Pink, like the Guruvayur pal payasam.

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    1. Thanks that is a big compliment that it looks like Guruvayoor payasam😊!

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