Wishes and goals!

How often do you say “no” to things that would interfere with your goals?

Yesterday I was talking to my Mom and she said, I really wanted something to happen but did not crave for it. But it happened! I am so happy. That is when I told her, I usually see some advertisements on TV that says a particular movie will be on a particular day. I would think , wouldn’t it be nice to see the movie and forget about it. But circumstances would happen I will be seeing the movie even though I didn’t take any steps for it.

Okay what is that to do with the prompt? I really fight when something is interfering with my goals. But the more I fight, I have seen my goals failing.

The conversation I had with my Mom and the prompt kept me thinking. I have to let things happen. I keep saying to myself I am NOT a superwoman. There are things in my life that are beyond my control and some goals will not be achieved as I think.

My house is a mess with lot of construction work going on. Most are cosmetic which we didn’t plan. We had an emergency repair which overflowed to this cosmetic renovation. That is when my husband said you are lucky I didn’t plan on this work. You just wished and it did happen.😊

I don’t think I gave a straight forward answer to wordpress prompt today. With all the work, I am overwhelmed and tired. I feel like I just filled up this page for today. But it would be an interesting read for myself in the future since it was a day my special one lost all the control in my house. A person who has severe OCD of where things need to be had his life overturned as the crew came in and dismantled stuff . He is learning a lot which traditional therapies have failed to do.🤷‍♀️😊

One response to “Wishes and goals!”

  1. Interesting write up. Kind of arguing against the prompt. Explaining a reason why we don’t say no even though it might not help in achieving our goals. So many negatives to say a positive 😊

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