The mail had arrived. Sara knew it would be advertisements, junk, nothing important. Everything was electronic nowadays. As she took the mail, she was surprised to see a hand written personal greeting card. The happiness was immense.

12 responses to “Mail”

  1. Great answer, Ganga. Where did you get the weekend writing prompts? Is it a challege you have to sign up for?

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    1. Check out Sammi’s weekend prompt.

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  2. I don’t think there is a person on earth who doesn’t feel pleasure upon seeing a hand-written note!

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      1. I live for handwritten mail. In fact I have an ongoing art project for a future installation that asks all persons to write exactly the same sentiment. ” Dear Madame/Sirs; The ArT of letter writing is dying. Sincerely, ….. Anonymous or real name plus city and country after. My address is Andrea Połla
        Sätilavägen 587
        439 72

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      2. That is wonderful!


  3. Great minds think alike! Nice one.

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  4. We want mail! Excellent sentiment. 🙂

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