A compliment

WordPress prompt for today:

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

I have received compliments from many that I am Super Mom. Thanks to all! But every Mom wants to be a Super Mom and tries her best. So I am thankful for the compliment but it is not a feather on the cap.

Okay, so what is a good compliment I have received? I would say, a compliment I received casually from my husband yesterday. I felt so proud of myself. Okay what happened yesterday.

Yesterday my son’s case worker came for a visit. These visits occur every three months since my son is being funded by the State. It may seem like a casual visit but has a good financial component. Over the years my husband has completely handed over that meeting/department to me. He never participates. Covid made these meetings on zoom and he lost interest completely. So after a long time yesterday my husband stumbled upon the meeting since it took place in our dining room and he had to be there to have his coffee. As I discussed the hours, the fund, the allocation to different sources, my husband was listening silently.

Later in the evening, he told me I should have made and should make college visits. He felt that I talk good and I would have been and be a better person to talk with the financial advisers in colleges. Wow I was stunned and happy at the same time. Over the past few months, my younger one and his Dad have been leaving me and my special one to make college visits. My younger one plans to do science courses and since I do not have a science background my expertise or my presence was not needed. I accepted that. So when he told me these college visits are more than science and my presence was needed in a financial situation I felt elated of course. I have attended multiple IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings and multiple ISP (Individualized Service Plans) meetings. My husband has never complimented me. But only after experiencing visits that involved meeting so many people in different departments he felt I would add value to something other than special needs. My younger one has been in my back burner all my life. If I can participate in his life some way I would be very glad. I have now decided I will swap some of my work with my husband. He would be doing some of these quarterly meetings and I will take some more responsibility of settling my younger one in college. Yes, I did make my husband read this draft before publishing it. Marriage is all about compromise and adjustments and both parties need to be involved.

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  1. Wow so many life lessons 🙏


  2. Interesting how these ‘non-standard’ compliments are the ones that always stick with us. My favourite was when a lady called me ‘stable’. As in I don’t react too wildly or try to push my agenda upon others at work. That was in 2018 or so. I still think about that, even though it’s not really a huge compliment or anything, lol.

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    1. yes😊. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Thanks for sharing this idea. Anita

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  4. Yep, it is what works at a given point in time. Our experiences change and so do our roles. Good luck with your son’s college search.

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  5. I am happy for you and I think it should be a joint responsibility. Actually when our son was growing up , I took most of the responsibility 🙂 He has retinitis pigmentosa. I used to read to him and help in different ways. My husband always said I was their strength. Luckily we could balance the needs of our son and his younger sister. I think you are taking the correct decision.
    Please do excuse me for not wishing you for Ugadi. belated wishes to you and family. We celebrate Vishu next month.

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