Golden words!

It was the last day of school. The Kindergarteners were proud that they will be in first grade soon. They were becoming big. They felt they were an adult almost! Mrs. C decided to give the children a small assignment on this last day of school. She asked each student what they wanted to be when they grow up and become real adults. The only condition was, they should use the word gold in their sentence.

Here was each kid had to to tell her.

Ava wanted to be an actress and win the Golden Globe Awards.

Ben wanted to be a basketball player and play for the Golden State Warriors.

Charlie wanted to be a scuba diver, remove salvage and plastic under the ocean and find gold treasures.

Deepa wanted to be a chef and serve food on gold plates.

Emma wanted to be a dentist and help old people get golden teeth.

Fred wanted to be a miner and search for gold in different parts of the Earth.

Gabriel wanted to be a designer and make dresses laced with gold.

Hamid wanted to be a veterinarian and work with Golden Retrievers.

As the class continued, Mrs. C felt she had done herself a good job. She had created a good imagination for her kids and the Class of 2035 was going to be one of the best. All of them were worth in gold.

Written for RDP Prompt: Golden

FOWC: Salvage

Daily Spur Word: Plastic

As I finished writing the prompt, it really felt nostalgic. My younger one finishes school this year. I remember going for an open house at the end of the year and there was this chart which had all their future goals written. From fire fighters, to architects, doctors and engineers and there was even a home maker. I should have taken a picture and saved. Maybe that would have been a good memory. But with little kids, you are in a rush all the time. Maybe will do for my grand kids!!!

Can my readers come up with more golden words?

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