Bloganuary Day 12, Chores

What chore do you find the most challenging to do?

Bloganuary took an about turn today with a simple prompt. From a vague prompt to a simple question. More than writing for the prompt, I have started enjoying reading other people’s take on the prompt. I can do this while my boy rides his bike or he is sitting with a puzzle and these are quick reads I do not need to spend so much time. But replying back I need my glasses and more concentration so I hesitate to write back comments.

So what is the chore I find most challenging to do? I would say putting back groceries in the fridge or pantry after shopping. After shopping has to be emphasized here. I like to do grocery shopping, since I plan my menu as I pick my vegetables and of course supermarkets attract us with discount stuff in front which I get to browse around. Shopping with our special one is a hit or miss, since according to his mood he can demand junk and I have to deal with his demands at the supermarket. We have come a long way with grocery shopping and he knows most of the regular items we pick and can manage a shopping cart around. So after a tiring time at the grocery store, coming home to put in the grocery is really hard. During pandemic we used some home delivery service and my husband was not very happy since he felt the satisfaction of picking up ourselves cannot match the shopper who does for us.

Indian grocery shopping is another ball game, since the grocery store is far away from us and we have to fight a traffic to get home. The junk or the snacks from Indian store are more spicy and my son puts in more fight in an Indian store. But we keep taking him to the store so that he gets used to it. But he does end up coming home with all that he needs. Most of my spices and dry ingredients just stay in the box that we bring home for a few days before I can put in their respective containers since most of my energy has already been lost by the time we come back home from the store.

Weekend is Pongal or Sankaranti festival. I want to make a good lunch since it is weekend and we rarely get Indian festivals on a weekend and I am already dreading the grocery shopping. Today morning, I have decided to ask my husband to go grocery shopping alone , though it may involve multiple calls from the Indian store, that way when he comes home from shopping I am fresh to put the grocery back and my house is clean for the upcoming festival weekend. I have also decided my boy is not going for shopping. He is going to get a break from his grocery store training. These are days I have to pick my battle. There are lot of snacks I would be preparing and he does not need to get more from the store.

Kurkure,an addictive snack supposed to be so bad for health but my special one loves it!

10 responses to “Bloganuary Day 12, Chores”

  1. Yes and I hate at the moment how it is so much cheaper to buy big packets and you scratch your head trying to figure out how to make it all fit

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    1. Ha Ha 3 heads of lettuce cheaper than one and I have 2 sitting in the fridge for a week now😂!

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  2. When I had children at home, going to the grocery store was tiring, they wanted to see everything. Then to come home and put the groceries up was hard. I understand. You just want to relax. But children do not let you relax much.

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  3. I totally forgot about this chore but I hate this too, and that is why my husband is the one who always does it. I also love grocery shopping and the green Kurkure!! 🙂

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    1. Ha Ha as I read I too can add to my list of chores that I hate!!


  4. After he matures, he’ll think back fondly on the days of shopping with you…but it won’t be soon.

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    1. He is already 25. I hope it is soon😊!


  5. You are so right, I hate it too!!!

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