Bloganuary Day 13, A billion dollars!

The prompt for today:

If you had a billion US dollars how would you spend it?

Few months back I wrote something similar to this called If I win a lottery. Okay at that time it was just a million dollars. In that I had written if I had a million dollars I would go on a cruise with the help of Autism on the Seas crew, do some therapies for my son because insurance would not cover it, help organizations that are helping my son. I ended up saying if I win multiple jackpot I would help fund autism research.

Now hypothetically I have a billion dollars. So what would I do. My son is 25 years old and still very dependent on so many things and he needs twenty four constant help and supervision. So what would I do now. I would fund that money for autism research.

A billion dollars, I had to google search how many millions are there in it. It is nearly 1000 million make a billion dollars. So is it enough? I just googled to found out 4 million pounds are spent on autism research in the UK and 245 million dollars are spent on autism research in the US. Wow, so I can fund 4 times the research that is happening now. Even with so much money being pumped there is no relief for parents like me or people like my son who have a lifelong disability.

I have been struggling to find an aide for my son for the past 5 years because it is low paid and the work is more. Even if it is not funding research I may at least pump in something for that purpose.

As my son becomes older, what happens after me question arises. I am really happy there are many places here that are taking care of special people but more can be done and yes the money can go towards these long care facilities too.

All of a sudden I am now a bit fond of silver jewelry and have something on my wish list on amazon, so I would do all the above after ordering those jewelry on amazon.

Billion dollars all gone now😊!

8 responses to “Bloganuary Day 13, A billion dollars!”

  1. Helping your son and others like him is a most worthy cause!

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  2. You could help a lot of people and fund a lot of research with that kind of money! I love your plan.

    I’m glad you got some silver jewelry for yourself too. 😊💖

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  3. A wonderful idea on funding research for autism. I would give to a research organization for children illnesses, like I do now, just more.

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    1. Yes there are so many illnesses that need money.

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