Bloganuary Day 11, Defining Success

How do you define success?

I have heard this joke a lot. The operation was a success but the patient died. I feel the doctors have alone been put into this position and have been joked around. In reality death is not in our hands.

When my son was applying for colleges this fall, I do not remember which specific University but I saw one emphasizing on community services big time as a part of the application process and another one pushing for a good essay. So success for them is not limited to grades and SAT scores.

My husband used to say, my father in law would have been very happy since both my boys can ride their bikes. A person independently able to get balance on a bike, should be capable of taking care of himself. I thought that was interesting.

I think every person has a different scale to measure success.

A person who is able to successfully complete a task in a practical way can be called a successful person. So if a first grader studies for a spelling test and is able to go to his class, listen to his teacher say out the word and is able to write down the spelling. I would say he is successful. If my special boy has a trip to a store without meltdown, I would say he had a successful day. I would say success depends on the person and cannot in defined in general.

Okay this was a vague topic which I can write all day quoting examples but I think I am successfully going to stop it here.

2 responses to “Bloganuary Day 11, Defining Success”

  1. I totally agree with your interpretation that success is very subjective. So there can and should be no generic definition of success in society. Otherwise that can lead to comparisons, disappointments and other stuff. That’s what I also felt when I saw this prompt, wrote my own post and read posts of many of the fellow Bloganuars. We are all on our journey and following our path successfully!! 😊

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    1. Yes it is subjective.


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