Bloganuary 2023, Day 8, Family!

Prompt question for today.

How far back in your family tree can you go?

Two years back, my brother called me one day and said he has done something interesting that I would love to know the result. Yes, he had his saliva tested and had done an extensive genetic testing. But it did not show anything surprising for us other than our family has been in South of India for more than 2500 years. But it did show a path of them traveling through different continents and finally settling in South of India😊.

The above is all science. I lived with my paternal grandparents and vacationed with my maternal grandparents. I loved to hear stories from all my grandparents and I remember every tiny detail of their conversation when they talked about their families.

My paternal grandmother, with whom I was so close (she was very strict in many ways) told a lot of stories about her family. She used to talk about something called Vazhuthakaadu Vambar Maha sabai , literally translates into Gossip organization of Vazhuthakaadu (a place in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala). Let me tell you she did not spare any details and narrated in a very hilarious way. She was very close to her sister’s children and she used to talk about their birth and how she played with them and even how they went to school together. I have never been too close or in some cases never have met any of them. But recently I got an opportunity to view on youtube my grandmother’s sister’s great grand child’s marriage and felt so close to the event.

I also found out some cooking videos posted by my paternal grandfather’s cousin’s daughter and granddaughter. Okay, I did not find out. My Mom was watching the show with me and saw a picture of my grandfather’s cousin in the background and concluded that they were related. We connected through youtube.

Internet has really shrunk our world. I am now in constant touch with my cousins and my younger one knows most of his cousins which he would not otherwise.

My husband is also a very curious person and he knows a lot about his ancestry. He keeps talking to us about his native place and my younger one knows where he is from.

To answer the question I know about my great great grandfathers and what they did from personal conversations 😊.

I see so many people here in the United States searching for their ancestry and I have always felt blessed that I know my ancestors clearly and very proud of them in many ways.

I did write a lot for this prompt, but this prompt did not excite me as the other prompts did.

8 responses to “Bloganuary 2023, Day 8, Family!”

  1. Wow, that’s a great lineage! I wasn’t excited by this prompt either, but I love your response. I think I’m not very interested in my ancestry because I’ve a huge family and I know my ancestors have lived in Ireland for a long time. I am grateful for this too, because I think it’s hard not to know where you come from.

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  2. Family is good no matter where they live. The internet has helped to bring families closer, as we can see and share when we are miles apart.

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    1. Yes. I am so far from my parents and without internet I would have not survived.


  3. Wow! Such incredible lineage – 2500 years – I’m impressed.

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  4. This wasn’t one of my favorite prompts either, but I am enjoying reading the posts of others.

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    1. Yes definitely. It is interesting to read other posts.😊

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