Bloganuary 2023, Day 9, Gift.

Today’s prompt question for Bloganuary challenge.

What is the most memorable gift you have received?

Men are not sentimental. The love they show is different from what women expect. Over the years I have understood that and accepted it. These are few of my memories. These are not tangible gifts but more of memory that is going to stay with me forever.

I will start with my brother. When we moved from an apartment to a townhouse in Boston, my brother was there on that particular day and he helped me with my special one who was hands full. I remember him buying pizza for the movers and I remember him having my special one along with him while buying it. He was also carrying stuff from the apartment and following the movers. We really needed someone to help us and he was there and I can never forget that.

My younger one was eighteen months and my special one was nine years old when my special one got severe head tics. The doctor was worried that these maybe seizures and ordered a twenty four hour EEG. A regular twenty minute EEG was a tough one and I was worried how I was going to handle that. Only one parent was allowed to stay at the hospital for the 24 hour EEG and my husband said he would be there with my special boy and I stayed at home with my toddler. I think that was the day I truly fell in love with my husband. He said, the first twenty minutes were hard but later my son got used to the wires and had a good time at the hospital. I remember spending a night at my friend’s house. The EEG was normal but I cannot forget that night.

I love Navarathri Golu, the doll show I put up every year. My Dad was there with me one year and saw me struggle with my husband to set up the steps to arrange the dolls. Later the next year I received a gift from India. It was a plastic stand that can be made into steps to arrange dolls. This is a tangible gift. But my Dad sent me the same after seeing me struggle to make steps with boxes and tables. He tried to ease my mental and physical pain. I also wrote about my Dad sending me sarees during pandemic. Gifts from him more timely and apt. You can read it here.

my special one helping me construct the steps

Okay, the last man in my life, my younger one he is all strength for me . But he has promised to get me a gift next month for Valentines Day since we missed out on Christmas due to multiple reasons. He did do some summer job and has saved some money. So I think that is going to be the most memorable tangible gift I am going to get. 😀

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  1. Loved reading about your wonderful gifts and memories.

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