It was a cloudy day

It was a bit depressing yesterday evening. It maybe because we had a light rain all day yesterday and the temperatures hovered around 40 degrees with no sun. So by evening it felt as if there was no hope in the world.

In reality a huge storm has been passing over bringing Tornadoes and snowstorms to most of the places but we just had rain. When I saw the news I realized how lucky we were that we didn’t have that wild weather.

Anyway getting depressed is normal for anyone. Few days back someone posted on facebook about things you can do when you feel depressed. Some of the things are listen to loud music, do laundry, clean a small space, create something, have cold water, and take a shower.

If a person is truly depressed then another person should initiate all these things to change the mood since even taking the next step is really hard. But if it something like we experience once a while we can very well choose one option and move forward.

Okay so what did I do yesterday? I cooked something different for my family. I moved away from my usual cooking and did something different and the wonderful part was all the four of us had dinner together. It really put a change to my brain. My son has been having music therapy sessions and we practiced some of the music together which definitely was the icing on the cake.

I have been my son’s constant therapist for the past 24 years so yes even without any University degree I think I have learnt a lot about psychological issues. Being on so many Mom groups have given me insight to one too many of issues. So yes, it was definitely easy for me to fix my depressed mood.😀🤷‍♀️

6 responses to “It was a cloudy day”

  1. Experience is a great teacher. So you definitely are equal to a qualified psychologist. Hats off to you

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  2. I think you do a great job!

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  3. I came to WordPress reader because I was feeling listless. Lo, I get this post for inspiration. Thank you.

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    1. Nice to know yoi got inspired.😊


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