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Yesterday afternoon I attended Sanskrit Day or Vishwa Samskrita Dinam, at our temple. The main point to be noted I did not have my family with me and I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon to myself. After a long break from covid lockdowns, the day was celebrated and I was happy to see a good audience and good participation.

Anyway this all got back memories of the days I used to take my younger one for all these programs at our temple auditorium. These programs gave my younger one opportunity to interact with his age group peers, and a chance to learn about his religious and cultural background which he missed because of his special needs brother at home. So apart being a special needs mom I had to wear that typical mom cap too and run behind these practice schedules. Now that he is a senior in high school, I do not have all these duties (except waking him up in the mornings) but I do feel I have laid a strong foundation and have developed a bonding over him.

A small skit was played in the program about how people are now addicted to youtube and facebook and the internet and how much people interaction is needed. I definitely agree with that. Zoom classes, online shopping and social media interaction boomed during covid time and 2022 was a slow bounce back for the society. Human beings are social animals and we need to be out in the society with real people and fresh air a lot more than on the virtual world. Of course, somethings are comfortable with online like we do not need to be in traffic jams or save money on gas, but somethings need to be in person only and that is my take. Let us see how 2023 turns out to be.

This is for Weekend Coffee Share with Natalie and

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday with Linda.

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  1. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable afternoon. We all need “me” time to recharge. I hope you have peace and joy during this holiday season.

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  2. You definitely need those moments like you had. I agree that we are social beings in need of community and fresh air and interactions with people and nature. May 2023 be a great year for your family. I have several friends with special needs kiddos and I know it is a constant of being at the ready for everyone.

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