Changing of the guard? Fandango’s Provocative Questions #194

When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush with a new one? Do you have a regular schedule for getting a new toothbrush? Or like me, do you wait until you notice that it’s seriously frayed to start thinking about replacing it?

If you all think this is an easy thing I bet it is not in my house. In fact there is some sort of toughness to this simple task, otherwise it would not have been a provocative question thrown out by Fandango.

Okay, to answer the question, I do change my brush diligently every two months. In that course of things I do change all the tooth brushes in my household. So if I do it at night, the next day morning it is all noisy with my younger one and my husband shouting with each other if they got the correct one. It seems like a big deal with them the colors have to be close enough to their old ones and it bothers them if I throw in a new color. After this confusion life resumes for the three of us for the next two months.

Now with my special boy, that is a huge huge thing. He is a pack rat. He would accept the new toothbrush but would not let go of the old one. So we found out a system in which he has two toothbrush holders. One has the old one and another the new one. So at one point of time there are only two toothbrushes. Left alone to him, he would have kept all the brushes and would have a mountain by now.

So people, remember I do a great job of changing toothbrushes overnight like guard change at Buckingham palace but it is always a big deal for the men in my house.

I pick up these toothbrushes at wholesale shops so that I do not run out of toothbrushes any time. Towels and toothbrushes I have plenty and a guest can drop by anytime without notice and stay in my house.

10 responses to “Changing of the guard? Fandango’s Provocative Questions #194”

  1. I do the changing in my house too but there’s no special schedule and my guys couldn’t care less 😂.

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  2. I change my toothbrush also every two months. That is funny how colors matter. I like the pink or purple ones. I used to give my husband a blue or green one and my sons a blue or green one and my daughter pink or purple. It was harder when my three kids shared the one bathroom as my husband and I had our own bathroom in our bedroom. I read it is good to get a new one after you have a cold or flu.

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    1. same that is the confusion the men colors are blue light blue and grey. 😀


  3. I’m sad to say ours are usually so frayed you can’t even tell they’re toothbrushes anymore.

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    1. The people who change like me are a bit obsessed I think 😊.


      1. Lol, or they’re just awesome moms like you! I have a lot of respect for you!

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