My special one was a bit sick during the middle of the week. So I kept him home most of the time and we did a 300 piece puzzle. It was a bit difficult since it did not lock like regular jigsaw puzzles and had irregular pieces (I would say a lot). He needed my help in the beginning but as usual as the puzzle progressed he became better than me and finished it up.

So after a couple days at home, we decided to go to the mall since he was completely bored and was feeling much better. We went to Bath and Body works. This is one of his favorite shops that sells hand sanitizers, lotions and candles. He loves the smell and I never have an issue with him in the store. The only thing is, he is like a bull in a china shop and I have to control his body movement. We ended by buying a big candle which I think will last for next couple of years.

Olfactory is the sensory system used for smelling. I never wanted to be a doctor or be anything near medicine but my special one has made me learn so many medical terms. We get all these different kinds of essential oils to make him calm. I always thought the smell from these oils calmed him more than any medicinal effect of these oils.

Sunday was spent on cooking and my new candle emitted the pleasant smell I needed and my multiple cooking odors got covered by the smell. I had deep fried and usually the oil smell stays for sometime but lighting up a candle did help the smell go away. But let me tell you I am still very careful around candles since my son has very little control over his body and can topple the candle so I keep an eye all the time when it is on.

My son did go to the program last Monday and made a pretzel wreath that looked like a beautiful flower and he shared that with his brother. More than olfactory this got my kids sense of taste. So an edible flower for Cee’s Flower of the Day!

For Natalie’s weekend coffee share!

9 responses to “Olfactory”

  1. The jigsaw puzzle is amazing. I remember seeing similar ones in my friend’s home. She loved them. Unfortunately she passed away due to cancer in 2020. The pretzel looks wonderful. We learn something new every day. All the best .

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    1. Thank you. We are now spending lot of time on puzzles.

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  2. I love the Bath & Body Works candles too.

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    1. The shop smells so good😀.

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  3. Thank you for your weekend coffee share. Your son did very well with the puzzle and pretzel wreath. Good idea to keep an eye on the candle. Lots of house fires happen during the holidays.

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  4. What a beautiful wreath

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