Paint in the park?

Today we drove to a lake and spent the afternoon/ evening there. It was just supposed to be a paint in the park day but we ended up doing a lot of stuff. It was a nice warm day and we decided to make some cold cucumber sandwiches with mint chutney in the park. My son loves cooking but is not so fond if these cold British tea sandwiches but I thought this would be a great activity to add on today. He did a great job of arranging the sandwiches and got a thumbs up from his brother and his Dad said he was willing to pay three dollars for it.

In addition to this we did walk on a gravel trail and of course wetted our foot on the lake.

Much to the anger of my husband I did sugar load my son with cookies and icecream from a shop that opened today on the way back. It was a long and productive day. Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow.

Bradys run lake
making of a sandwich
the activity today
the trail
the cookies

6 responses to “Paint in the park?”

  1. Was he hyper all the way home? Maybe a few laps of the lake will wear him out LOL. Sounds like a great day.

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    1. Ha ha! I could have.

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  2. Kudos to you on coming up with these great ideas…12 more days to go…good luck.

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  3. Hi Uma, you and your family are doing so much fun activities. I have lived in Pittsburgh my whole life and you are going places I have never been. Cold cucumber sandwiches sound delicious, without the onions because I don’t like raw onions. If you ever need any fresh mint, I have a giant patch of mint in my yard. You can come anytime to get some for your mint chutney.

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    1. I am on the internet all day searching for things to do in Pittsburgh 😂!


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