Day 16! Where did we go?

I have a bucket list of activities and my white board at home has a list handwritten by me that I use as a guide. Our daily activity list is not written in stone so we started to one place but ended up in a farmers’ market today.

We were supposed to have severe thunderstorms but we couldn’t resist ourselves and stopped at a farmers’ market on the way home from an errand. There weren’t many vegetable vendors but lot of food stalls were there along with a live performance from a local school of rock. Gyro and shaved ice and the rock music made my son so happy and my husband said “see no behavior issues😀”. He loved the music 🎶! The weather cooperated and there was not even a drop of water!

We did stay there for nearly an hour and I am thrilled we enjoyed a new place. My son loves music but we haven’t tried concerts at all. Maybe that would be something we could do in future. I am not a fan of rock music but I can tolerate any music that my son enjoys.😀

Nothing happened according to a plan today. So I don’t know what is in store for us tomorrow. See you then. Thanks for stopping by😀.

It was mesmerizing for my son😀
What we got
What we ate
and what we enjoyed listening to

2 responses to “Day 16! Where did we go?”

  1. Wow, that looked fun, Ani really loved the rock n Roll❣️❣️🎵🎶. Where was that?

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  2. It was near the High School.


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