Harry Potter

Entering 3rd week of my challenge and half the month is done. Thank you all for following me liking me and encouraging me.

Virtual class during pandemic

During pandemic my son’s program had a number of virtual classes and one of the classes we logged in was Harry Potter story time. My son surprised us by staying in class for the entire hour. We went through nearly four books the past two years and every Wednesday was Harry Potter story time. Today was showing of Harry Potter movie Goblet of Fire and we were in person and stayed there for nearly hour and a half. Of course we had pizza, popcorn and candy but, I am really happy we had that closure. We will finish watching the movie later at home. I really want to thank his program facilitator who attracted a group of special people (who were sincere and punctual) with her sweet voice as she read through the books and made the class interesting. No one imagined a pandemic, and I never imagined my son would attend classes virtually. It is definitely an achievement. We came home with a bag of goodies something personally I would save as a positive memory of the pandemic.

Positive memories

Just an update on the nursery my son started with my Mom , the seeds are now little seedlings and since we have a heat wave going on, we decided to plant it. So he dumped soil onto the ground and planted his bean seedlings today.

Beans 🫘

See you all tomorrow with another activity.

RDP Wednesday achievement

3 responses to “Harry Potter”

  1. Wow, the beans are looking good. I’ve planted some but they’ve very slow to grow. It’s Winter here in Australia though.

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    1. Thanks. Beans don’t need too much hit weather.


  2. […] So what is my next project? I still do now know as I still have many options and if I do finish one with my kid I will be posting it on my blog. By the way the beans my son planted during summer has yielded good. If you have not read about it, you can read it here and here. […]


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