Today was getting our hands dirty. My critters and the birds around the garden love my plants. It has been a struggle to grow plants from seeds, especially sunflowers and beans.

To help the plants survive from birds and critters we found out nurseries helped. Once the plants develop a few leaves in our sun room we move them to our garden to be planted.

My special one has been a great help in the garden. He does the heavy lifting activity. But today with my Mom’s help he started the nursery in our sunroom. This is going to be a couple of weeks project since they both can bond over watering them and helping them survive their animal predators before we plant in the garden.

Anyway, winter we painted a small pot and planted fenugreek seeds last week. Voila we have sprouts today. The irony being the tiny pot is carried by a little critter.

4th day of journaling done. When my Mom visited the first time to help me out, she wamted my son to water plants. At 3 , my son was super hyper and the process was hard. But today they have made a nursery together. Isn’t that something to be proud of😀!

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  1. Hi Uma, that is really something to be proud of!! Your little pot you painted is so cute. I must admit this spring there has been a lot of animal activity in our yards. There are so many robins this year. And so many chipmunks. My daughter lives in Squirrel Hill and they have a ground hog and her three babies eating all their tomatoes!!

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    1. Touchwood my tomatoes are still there😂. Let’s see what the summer has in store for us!


  2. I’m glad I found you through Phoebe MD’s share a blog! I’m also autistic, and recently started my own garden adventure – albeit smaller scale. I also work with autistic/neurodivergent folks as a recreational therapist and really appreciate you documenting all these leisure & recreation endeavors!

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    1. That is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. […] an update on the nursery my son started with my Mom , the seeds are now little seedlings and since we have a heat wave going […]


  4. Mae Goes West Avatar
    Mae Goes West

    I always have a hard time growing sunflower from seed. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. My seeds have become plants and we are seeing tiny budd. So keep trying.

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      1. Eeek! So happy for y’all. I’ll keep at it 🙂

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