To the Pool

Today we were supposed to go for movies, but my son’s sleep was disturbed last night and I was a bit of a zombie today morning, so we decided to go to the pool. So day two itself I was thrown a curve ball.

If my son threw the curve ball, I did throw him one back. He has got used to the pool. It has been a love hate relationship. I love the pool, I do not, I love the pool, I hate getting in. So the past few months have been me taking him early in the day before they turned on the water structure and before the crowd dropped by.

But today, we went late. We went just in time for the water structure was being turned on and we had a lot of kids inside since the thunderstorms closed the outdoor pool. It was too hot for him to sit in the hot tub, so he had to walk/swim around the lazy river or the resistance channel with water falling on his head. It was my sensory therapy for him and I was happy he did it for thirty five minutes.

So do I swim with him? No I do not. I hate getting myself wet. But learning swimming is on my bucket list since my Mom can swim and I cannot. I compete with her on everything. She grew up in a village which had rivers and tanks to learn swimming naturally whereas I grew up in a city, water scarcity was so high swimming was not in our minds. (I have been here 25 years, I could have learnt it, but I think I am lazy to do it)

Anyway day two is done! Let me see what day three has to offer.

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