Miniature Golf

So, I saw the above on my son’s program’s face book page. My special one is now an young adult and my typical kid is going to be a senior coming this fall and it looked as if it didn’t matter much for me. But as the day went on and as we prepared to leave for mini golfing for my special one in the evening along with his friends I felt, hey this looks nice. The above list is not my list but I can come up with something everyday for this month and blog about it. His program does have some interesting things happening that he can do along with his friends but I can add stuff that he can do with his Dad, brother and maybe even his grandparents.

So for June 1st I am logging that we went for miniature golf. We have never been to one just for the fear that it may overwhelm him. And yes it did! He was good for the first two rounds but as we progressed around he became upset thinking this was a never ending process. My husband seeing my perseverance decided he should join me and half way along my boy started enjoying it. (We did bribe him with ice-cream). The process was easy since we had gone with his special needs group and that helped me rip of this bandage. Except for one hole, he made all the other 26 holes. This is a wonderful activity which we have decided to do once a month. The eye hand coordination and the motor planning needed in this activity really adds value in addition to all the fun.

First day of June ends on a positive note. Keeping fingers crossed that I can blog everyday with some kind of fun activity.

A footnote: We went to the ice-cream shop near golf course and they gave him an ice-cream for free since someone had sponsored them for the day! It was definitely icing on the cake.

8 thoughts on “Miniature Golf

  1. Hi Uma, I have not played mini golf in ages, it is very fun, I am happy Ani was enjoying it more when he was joined by his Father. That list looks like a lot of fun ideas too, I think I will try some to enjoy the summer months ahead!!

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  2. Hi Uma— Playing Mini Golf definitely was real fun and Ani seems to hv Enjoyed it,
    The list does hv lots of ideas too,
    I am so happy for you

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  3. What could be better than free ice cream! Hello Uma. I found your blog through a comment you left on Ally’s The Spectacled Bean. Thanks for sharing this list of fun activities. I will definitely take advantage of some of these when I’m thinking what should we do for fun today. I have grandchildren ranging from 12 to 22. I think there is something on this list for all of them!

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